“I do” – still – always will

Chains do not hold a marriage together.

It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads

that sew people together through the years.

– Simone Signoret


A happy marriage is a union

of two good forgivers.

– Robert Quillen


A good husband makes a good wife…

And a good wife makes a good husband!

– Proverb



Me & my GOOD husband!


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Almost trashed a treasure

While rummaging through papers (yes, they pile up) I almost threw out a piece of paper that looked like just another scribblesheet from the kids (no, not everything is precious childhood art). Then I opened it and at first thought it was just a jumble of letters. I looked a little longer and realized that my little songbird had been writing down lyrics.

Can you figure it out which songs they are? They are not complete, and not 100% correct, and we won’t talk about the complete absence of spaces, lol. I also have to mention that Kari goes to a Norwegian school, and Norwegian is very phonetically spelled. At her age they haven’t started learning to write English yet, so she writes her English as she hears it in her head.

Song 1:


Song 2:


Little Miss Kari


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A beautiful surprise

As Christmas approached this year I was more heart wrenched than ever. I haven’t missed my father that intensely since he passed ( Missing You) last year. My brothers were celebrating Christmas with their in-laws and for the first time in many years we would have a rather quiet Christmas. It was going to be just the 4 of us, and my mom.

Snow was coming down in droves, and it was beautiful outside. The turkey was in the oven, the tree was decorated, the table set, the presents under the tree, and everything was on its way to being a lovely Christmas Eve. However, that knot in my heart just wouldn’t let go.

My husband went out to buy a few last things, and when he came home I heard from the gasps of the girls that there was something extra coming inside the door. He had bought a beautiful Christmas table decoration at the florist. I was amazed. My husband isn’t one for romance and flowers so I thought that was so sweet.

And then – to my surprise – a bouquet shows up. A bouquet of the most gorgeous stem flowers! The flower was so delicate, yet powerful. The stem was thick and strong. The color was beautiful, and they stood so tall and proud! I didn’t even know what they were, and I’m rarely mesmerized by flowers, but these stopped me in my tracks. I just stared at my hubbylove, wondering what had gotten into him. He said he knew how much I was missing my dad, and he wanted to give me something special. I hadn’t really been talking about how much I was missing my dad, but after 10 years of marriage I guess he just knows when something’s up with the wifey 😉

My mom – the flower guru – didn’t even know what they were, I put out an inquiry on Facebook. That didn’t make me much wiser, but I have now come to that I believe that they are a Double Flowered Amaryllis:

Thank you Hubbylove! They really brightened my Christmas 😀

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I’m back!! – or least we’ll hope so, ha!

Wow… it’s been a long time since I posted anything on my blog… I’m thinking of all the things I could have written about – like the costume that have been sown, the cakes that have been baked, the bird that flew into our bedroom, all the silly things my children say, the ups and the downs, the annoyances of the flu…

Speaking of….. THE FLU! What an insane flu season it is this year! There is both the regular seasonal flu, the swine flu, and a nasty stomach flu going around. Kari was down for the count for 10 – yes TEN! – days. We had a healthy house for almost a week, and then we were at it again. Now Julia is down for the count.

So anyway, I’m thinking I’ll try getting back into the swing of blogging things 🙂

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Julia – Student of the Week

I can hardly believe that I have neglected my blog since February 27… now I have a proud little Mommy post that screams to be made:

Julia was Student of the Week for week 18. It’s really a week of appreciation, and all her friends write a note to the teacher saying something nice about their fellow student. The teacher makes a poster with all the quotes and hangs it on the classroom wall for all to see. At the end of the week Julia got to take hers home:

Translation for you non-Norwegian speakers out there:

  • You are nice
  • You have a good imagination
  • You are good at math
  • You are  good friend. I like that you were born.
  • I’m in love with you*
  • You are good at martial arts
  • I like that you are my friend
  • Your hair looks nice
  • You are funny
  • You are kind and give me a grape
  • I like you
  • You are good at jumping rope
  • You are really nice
  • You are my very best friend
  • I like the color of your hair

*Julia claims she knows who wrote this particular quote. I do believe the feeling is mutual 😉 Ah, young love, lol.

I think this is a really nice initiative from the teacher 🙂

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What is this? A democracy???

Husband doesn’t have his own blog and wrote a status update that was WAAAY too long for Facebook today. So, wonderful wife that I am I hereby offer my husband an honorary blog post. It’s only fair – he’s the other half of “I’m all right here” 🙂 Here goes Mr. Miller’s very first blog post:

It’s great C got some time off from the girls today…. I took them shopping with me. Four different stores. Mistake… maybe..

First we had a “recycling day” by returning all those soda bottles back to the store, and the kids get the loot for helping out. It turns out they get to split nearly $50 (Yes… tons of bottles. Sick how much soda we buy in a few months). After 10 minutes of convincing the kids that we needed to go, and that they are not allowed to blow 50 bucks on candy –  with Norwegians staring at us as Norwegians do when there is a scene – we went to stop 2, the super market. Right before I open the car door to get to stop 2, Kari, (6 years old), says,


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“What are we having for dinner tonight?”

“Well, I’m probably going to make some chicken quesadillas”

“Thats not going to work Daddy!”

“Well why not?

Julia, (7 years old), says:  “We need to vote on what we should have for dinner daddy”.

Me: “OK? Well… your mother and I want quesadillas”.

Julia: “Well, you loose the vote daddy!”

Me: “How is that? Its 2 against 2 and mom and dad are in charge!”

Julia: “Well you see daddy, our friend is coming over tonight and if she was here right now her vote would have been on our side and it would have been a total loss on your end because that’s 3 against 2. So you see, we win and now it’s pizza tonight!!!”

Me: “What!!?? You can’t do that! What is this? A democracy???”

Kari says: “Yes Daddy it is!” (Dont think she is sure what democracy means?).

I bought pizza for tonight. I could not find an argument against their cunning and intelligent plan to get theír way without me being a dictator and overthrowing their “democracy”.

Yes, we have him duly wrapped around our little fingers!


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Walk with me

The steady rhythm of snow crunching under her winter boots was all she could hear as she walked home.  A midnight blue sky sparkled with starlight above her, and the moon hung quietly in a misty haze. Snow covered fields glittered as far as the eye could see. It was a beautiful night.

Breathing in that ice-cold air she stopped to take it all in. The world spins so fast. It’s loud, it’s hectic, and paced forward by a relentless timekeeper. Cars whooshing, voices talking, phones ringing, clocks dinging, dryers humming, cats scratching, tv talking, radio playing, kids laughing, kids fighting….they had all gone silent. Just for a moment there was nothing, and it was lovely.

“Hey Pappa”, she thought. “I wish you were walking here with me tonight, you would have loved it”. As the timekeeper passed midnight on February 24, 2010 she stood there in that beautiful silence and remembered. She could hardly believe it had already been a year. “I miss you Pappa”, she said out loud into the dark wintry night. She looked up into the heavens and wondered if he could see her standing there. She smiled thinking he could.

(Missing you)


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